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I do not know when to use the two words. I'm am learning Spanish thoroug Rosetta Stone and have no one to ask. One example I can give for soy/estoy is Qu esta haciendo? Estoy leyendo. Quien policia? Soy policia. Not sure if I have this right.

  • Posted Jun 1, 2011
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Well, that answer is easier in English.

When do you use am or are or is?

This gives you clues as to how Spanish verbs are conjugated and it should be a good model for everybody. grin

  • Exactly. English speakers often seem to forget that their verbs change their ending in the third person singular (they add an -s) and "to be" is still fully irregular. - lazarus1907 Jun 1, 2011 flag
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The best answer you'll get is to go through the lesson on this site about it smile

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Will someone else vote on her question so she can send PMs? I'll help her out with RS if I can.

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Estar is used to express geographic or physical location. ie: Donde estas? Estoy en la escuela. Donde esta Toronto? Toronto esta en Ontario.

Estar is used with adjectives to express a state or temporary location. Como estas? Yo estoy bien. Come esta la leche? La leche esta fria.

Use estoy when you are telling your location or how you feel. ie: Yo estoy bien or simply estoy bien.

Use "soy" when your are telling your profession, religion or gender. ie: Estoy in la iglesia. ( I am in the church) Estoy in Chile. ( I am in Chile)

Soy catolica. ( I am catholic) or Soy americano. I am american.

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