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Cuales son los pronombres del objeto directo, objeto indirecto, y verbo reflexivo?

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En español - pronombres del objecto directo: me, te, lo, la, nos, los, las

In English - direct object pronouns: me, you, him/her/it, us, them/y'all

Juan me ama. Juan loves me.

Juan te ama. Juan loves you.

Juan lo/la ama. Juan loves him/her/it.

Juan nos ama. Juan loves us.

Juan los ama. Juan loves them/y'all

En español: pronombres del objeto indirecto : me, te, le, nos, les

In English: indirect object pronouns: to or for me, to or for you, to or for him/her/it, to or for us, to or for them/y'all

Marta me habla. Marta talks to me.

Marta te habla. Marta talks to you

. Marta le habla. Marta talks to him/her/it.

Marta nos habla. Marta talks to us.

Marta les habla. Marta talks to them/y'all

Pronombres reflexivos en español: me, te, se, nos, se

Reflexive pronouns in English: myself, yourself, himself/herself/itself, ourselves, themselves. Examples using reflexive pronouns using the verb "cortarse"

Me corto - I cut myself

Te cortas - You cut yourself

Se corta - He/she/it cuts himself/herself/itself

Nos cortamos - We cut ourselves

Se cortan - They cut themselves

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Spanish person pronouns including the d.o.p., i.o.p. and reflexive pronouns.

This chart even includes the leísmo. (le as d.o.p.)

alt text

The corresponding English ones are shown.

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