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What does rincon mean?

  • Posted May 31, 2011
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5 Answers

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"outside" corner = esquina.

Spanish needs both these words because it only has "en" for both "in" and "on" in English.

"in the corner" = "en el rincón


"on the corner" = en la esquina

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"Rincón" is an inside corner.

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masculine noun--

a) The inside corner, angle formed by two walls that join together; a coin

b) Place of privacy, a detached, lerking area

c) A place where one may prevail; dwelling (house)

d) A deminutive district or a rather small country

faminine noun--

Esquina- which is the outward angle formed with two lines; angle, coin, edge

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Another way I have seen "rincón" used is in the sense of "rincón cultural" - "Cultural corner". It was a section at the end of each chapter of a previous textbook that would talk about different Spanish speaking cultures.

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Rincón means the inside corner.

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