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How do you tell someone they are hot in spanish?????

  • "You're" as in "you are", not "your". "Your" is a possessive pronoun. - Azabache May 30, 2011 flag
  • Of course. And you know what possessive pronoun is in Spanish. Are you kidding Azabache? - igual2 Mar 18, 2013 flag
  • Have you hear about contraction Azabache? - igual2 Mar 18, 2013 flag

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Estás rica, estás buena, estás guapa.

Some people will tell you eres. I hope we can avoid having that argument. wink (although eres is OK but not with buena)

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Some of these might get you in trouble, but you asked, so from here on out you're on your own, LOL.

Que sexi eres

Estás bien buena (bueno)

Estás super rica mami (papi)

Que guapa (guapo) eres

Eres / estás hermosa (hermoso)

Te ves super rica (rico)

Eres todo un papichulo (mamichula)

Eres una yegua (girl) / Eres un potro (guy)

If none of those get the point across, nothing will. There's something in that list for every dialect of Spanish.

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Radically depends on where you are. In each country is different because it is a cultural issue rather than a matter of language. "Buenota" o "Mamacita" may works great in México, but in Argentina are such a dirty word; something for the intimacy of the couple, as a courtship rather than to tell a stranger, who can interpret it as a lack of respect. So, you must first know who and where you intend to say this, and then you should see what is the way to say it in that place.

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let's talk about food.

la pera es rica - (I like pears)

la pera está rica (I am eating a pear)

Now, the person might be talking about being hot, as being under the sun...right?


  • Well he didn't exactly specify now did he? - jeezzle May 30, 2011 flag
  • Lol, you two are funny. ;) - Koalasan May 30, 2011 flag
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A ver si os enterais, una chica esté buena, means "she's pretty", "she's sexy".

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You're hot = Estás buena, That means: You're pretty. You're sexy. You're beautiful. And this answer got one vote?

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Estás bien buenota.

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Eres mi muy buena mamacita .

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You do it with a look

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