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what does endonde and andas mean

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Could it have been "¿Adónde andas?" (Where are you off to? Where are you going?)

  • That would be a donde vas for where are you going. - Rey55 May 30, 2011 flag
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Endonde sort of means "where at" or " 'in what place.' Usually, saying donde is enough. Andas comes from andar=to walk or to travel,or be. I suspect someone said, ¿endonde andas? Attempting to say where are you, but ¿donde andas? will usually suffice. Unfortunately people do not always use the correct form of words, in any language. I'm sure you've heard someone say in English, where are you at?

  • You could also say donde estas? - Rey55 May 30, 2011 flag
  • Yes you could say ¿Dónde estás? but please note how it is written. - kenwilliams May 30, 2011 flag
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en dónde - incorrect; endonde - incorrect also This sounds like a question asking where the person is roaming about. Typically used by native speakers who make grammatical mistakes just like English speakers make grammatical mistakes in everyday speech. So the correct way to ask that question is ¿Dónde andas?

andar - to go about is the literal translation. Hard to translate andar. ¿Dónde andas? - Where are you roaming? Adónde = where to always used with the verb to go, eg., ¿Adónde vas?

  • Adonde is used with all kinds of verbs of motion, not just ir. - lorenzo9 May 30, 2011 flag
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