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I'm curious about if a girl gives you a hug that last longer then normal does that mean she likes you? What I mean by that is she normally gives me a quick how you doing hug but last week she gave me a hug that lasted a lot longer and she held me tight, I know because I tried to pull away and she just kept holding on. So what does that mean? Also if a girl tells you that she missed you does that mean she likes you?

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Lots of advice here -

I've worked out what you should do.

Tell her that you liked / enjoyed the hug and ask for another one. grin

  • Thanks for the vote jhann - simple - but it took a while to think of it. Good luck. - ian-hill May 31, 2011 flag
  • but do you think she likes me? - jhann May 31, 2011 flag
  • You know what Ian, I like that advice! hahahaha ;), I would use my *I voted you code* which is a *hug* but that might look a bit funny seing as what we are talking about! ahah - Koalasan May 31, 2011 flag
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It could also mean she has had too much to drink and can´t stand on her own.

  • Love it ! - ray76 May 31, 2011 flag
  • ¡qué poco romçantico mi amor! Te aseguro si yo me arrimara a ti , no sería porque estuviera borracha, vamos,eso seguro:P - 00494d19 May 31, 2011 flag
  • Oh yea, I seen that in New Orleans many times, the guy gets all excited thinking the chick is in to him when she's drunk. A couple times, she pukes all down the back side or something, usually followed by her falling on the ground and passing out. - DJ_Huero May 31, 2011 flag
  • The funniest are when they're laying there and something is exposed so the guys keep giving her beads and laughing when they pass. (Talking about Mardi Gras) - DJ_Huero May 31, 2011 flag
  • Moral of the story, let her hug you as long as she likes, but don't let her puke your backside. =) - DJ_Huero May 31, 2011 flag
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It could be a sign that she likes you alot or it could also be that she is feeling insecure because she is going through a difficult time in her life and/or she might be afraid of losing you. I do not know how long you have been together as friends or how close your friendship is /has been up to this point. It is hard to know whether this hug was to show affection towards you or because she was needing to receive affection or possibly both!

We could all offer suggestions for why we think she has given you a longer hug but the only one sure way of knowing without doubt the reason why she did is to ask her! wink smile grin It is important that you do ask her so that you do not read more into the expression of affection or friendship than she meant by her action.

You have to avoid two extremes: either reading too much into it and risk ruining a good friendship or misreading it and missing the signs she is giving you that she likes you more than you realized. Just ask her and avoid misreading this clue wink

I hope this helps grin

  • :) great answer - chicasabrosa May 30, 2011 flag
  • Thank you Chica :)I did think carefully about what I said:) - FELIZ77 May 30, 2011 flag
  • Yes . . . take Feliz's advice! When you get old like me you'll wish you had ignored your fears and just asked straight out. Just tell her your feelings, believe me, life will go on. - GaryT May 30, 2011 flag
  • we.ve known each other for 3 years now and we are very close friends we teel each other everything - jhann May 30, 2011 flag
  • I'm not sure that "telling" each other everything is a good sign. Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn were like that and they ever got it on.:) - ian-hill May 30, 2011 flag
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Here's a sure shot way to find out, let her give you one those long hugs, and squeeze (or pinch) her booty (whatever your preference may be). If she giggles and hugs you more, you're in the clear and she's yours... and, if you she slaps the crap out of you and walks away... well, I think that answer is obvious. tongue wink

  • You would probably discover her response yes but it would be drastic there would be no-way back if you got it wrong ! - FELIZ77 May 30, 2011 flag
  • Jeje... mi novia encanta cuando hago esto. ;-P I usually go with a squeeze for passion and pinch for teasing. - DJ_Huero May 30, 2011 flag
  • Uhu! Jhann, don't listen to DJ, he is crazy! jeje - Koalasan May 31, 2011 flag
  • I know they say actions speak louder than words, DJ, but I'd go with Felizz's suggestion! - galsally May 31, 2011 flag
  • Lol, I strongly agree, haha - Koalasan May 31, 2011 flag
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Does she ever light a match, then blow it out, then hold it while looking at you? Because if not, I'm sorry, she only likes you as a friend.

  • what does that mean - jhann May 30, 2011 flag
  • I agree - this is a very good method to tell. - 001a2987 May 30, 2011 flag
  • It's very important to notice whether or not she licks her lips before blowing out the match. - lorenzo9 May 30, 2011 flag
  • voting, - 00494d19 May 30, 2011 flag
  • Is this some primitive mating ritual I've never hear of? (The licking the lips thing is defintely a sure give-away, however.) - babs_irish May 31, 2011 flag
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I hope I don't get into trouble for posting this....wink

How to Tell


  • I - of course - knew all that stuff. :)) - ian-hill May 30, 2011 flag
  • Haha, step # 10, first bullet: I'm naturally flirty, and sometimes, I accidentally "pick up" girls, even if I don't really like them. - Azabache May 30, 2011 flag
  • Lol, right. - Koalasan May 31, 2011 flag
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She could either like your or just appreciate you as a very good friend. It depends whether or not she says and does other things that may indicate that she likes you.

I have a guy best friend who gets a hug when we meet up but I might hug him a little longer if we had a long conversation discussing whatever is bothering either of us. It just means I appreciate him as a true friend. There is no flirting involved whatsoever.

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If you love it, let it go . . . if it is meant to be, it will return . . . if it doesn't come back . . . then hunt it down and kill it! (Only kidding!) grin

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Does she "fiddle" with your tie? That is a sure sign that she likes you I am told.

  • Wow, she plays the fiddle? What if she fiddles something else? Or, if she sings on my microphone? rofl... - DJ_Huero May 30, 2011 flag
  • People still wear ties?? - amykay May 30, 2011 flag
  • Oooh yea... all the time amykay... I have a pretty nice collection myself, especially for business meetings. - DJ_Huero May 30, 2011 flag
  • Lol, this is to funny. - Koalasan May 31, 2011 flag
  • I use my ties in the garden to stake up my tomatoes. - ray76 May 31, 2011 flag
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Word of caution..

Don't abuse a good friendship by just assuming it's something different without asking.

I had a friend who I always hugged goodbye and kissed on the cheek (a friend who isn't English, evidently lol). I was happy to be friends with him, although we were not as close as you and your friend appear to be.

Out of the blue one day, whilst saying goodbye, he tried to take the hug and kiss further. It was a horrible situation to be put in, if he had been a complete stranger I'd have told him where to get off in strong terms, but being a friend I had to do this stupid mix between making it clear I wasn't interested, but not hurting his feelings.

I won't say any more, because it doesn't end there, unfortunately, but please be careful with your friend.

Oh yes, and if she really likes you so much she'd wait, eh?


  • I ahve been there too, bad stuff - 00494d19 May 31, 2011 flag
  • Yes. I felt insulted, actually. - galsally May 31, 2011 flag
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She could just be being altruistic and stopping you bothering someone else. grin

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Hmmm... with this kind of question, I guess it's safe to ask (uh oh here he goes) tongue wink

My current novia me dió un nalgazo when I was working I my car and told me, "te quiero". big surprise Does that mean she loves me? surprised

Couldn't resist... alt text

  • No, it means she wants to meet your wife. - lorenzo9 May 30, 2011 flag
  • Jaja... good thing i'm not married... if she keeps it up, she can be wife. =) - DJ_Huero May 30, 2011 flag
  • Lol, you idiot! haha - Koalasan May 31, 2011 flag
  • lorenzo!!!! this thread is the best one on the forum ...at the moment, lol - 00494d19 May 31, 2011 flag
  • I agree... =) - DJ_Huero May 31, 2011 flag
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Haha, this is just to funny! :

Gawd, I have to stop laughing so that I can work! ahah

rolleyes big surprise smile LOL

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Don't get stuck inside your head about it. Remember that there could be more than one explanation for a long hug, and these reasons do not necessarily have to have something to do with you. If you want to know if she likes you, look for more evidence or simply just ask.

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Oh, hey, do those cats on my avatar love each other? Because they are defiantly kissing! LoL

  • Oh nah, this looks better! haha: - - - - http://img.izismile.com/img/img2/20090917/bonus//8/kissing_cats_01.jpg - Koalasan May 31, 2011 flag
  • Actually, I am going to change my avatar to myself later, :-P, Well, I might. :) - Koalasan May 31, 2011 flag
  • Those kittens are both girls :bug: - lorenzo9 May 31, 2011 flag
  • Are not! How would you know!?!?!? :mad: - Koalasan May 31, 2011 flag
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