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I am writing a curriculum in English that will be translated into Spanish. The curriculum is for preschool aged children and we typically include many phrases of praise for children's efforts. For example, "Wow, you learned how to write your name!" Or, "Great! I can see you are trying really hard to make the letter "A"! Are there any words in Spanish like "Wow," "Great," or "Hey," that can be used to express excitement and pride about something a child has accomplished? Thank you! Rebecca

  • Posted May 29, 2011
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First of all, there are many English words used in Spanish, like Guau to mean wow, or super. There are also expressions like Genial to mean Great, muy bien = very good, Oye, * means Hey, and *buen trabajo means good job. So you could say Oye, que buen trabajo ( hey, what a good job), muy bien (very good) or que bien (great) super buen trabajo or combine them.

  • This is very helpful. I was skeptical of some of the dictionary translations because, at least in the Spanish cultures I've visited, words like "fantastico" seem over the top. Thank you. - rcortes11 May 29, 2011 flag
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You'll find all those words in the Dictionary!, try it wink

Also you may translate easy sentences like this in the Translation section.

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fantástico raspberry

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