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I've looked at the different lyrics websites. Some show 'chula', some 'chola'. The context is that he's singing to a woman that he loves and admires: "ahora vengo mama chola/chula". I have found mistakes many times on lyrics websites. I don't trust them. Which word is it?

  • Posted May 29, 2011
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2 Answers

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"Mama Chola" is a goddess of the " Palo" religion.

I think the song addresses or speaks to "Mama Chola" the goddess. The Palo religion has African roots and arrived to Cuba and the Antilles with the coming of the slaves. The cult was carried to the U.S. as the Cubans and Haitians arrived to New York. This song speaks about a Spanish Harlem girl.

The work of Santana in the album "Supernatural" where this song was released, is a mix of Latin, African and Caribbean rhythms. This context seems to confirm my opinion.

  • Thanks Agora. This information is fascinating. - Intense May 31, 2011 flag
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The word is chula.

  • chula= cute, beloved, beautiful. In México. - Dakie May 29, 2011 flag
  • La letra de la canción ( contenida en el CD de Santana "Supernatural") dice chola, no chula. - Agora May 29, 2011 flag
  • Thanks to all for the information. It sounds like he is calling his lover a goddess. - Intense May 31, 2011 flag
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