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[1]: How do you say im bored?

Ian gives a warning in this post that "soy aburrido" means I am boring. Why does this happen? Is there any other personal descriptions that work this way?

  • Posted May 25, 2011
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Ser is used to classify, identify and define so if you use ser with aburrido you are classifying yourself as boring.

Have a look at this compilation on ser and estar smile, it should help you out. This flashcard set is all about other times when the meaning changes depending on whether ser or estar is used.

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I suppose if you have always been boring, are boring, and will always be boring, it is appropriate. smile

To be boring is not a permanent condition. Well, at least, I hope not.

That's the way I look at it, but I could be wrong.

  • It has nothing to do with time span. - lorenzo9 May 25, 2011 flag
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When you say that you are BORED, you're giving a temporary condition--estar. By using "ser," you're saying that you are a boring person. This happens with other adjectives, such as "feliz."

This should help you out: http://www.spanishdict.com/answers/100040/ser-and-estar I still refer to that chart from time to time!

I hope that this helps! smile

  • It has nothing to do with being temporary. - lorenzo9 May 25, 2011 flag
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The reason is that Spanish has two verbs for "to be" - "ser" and "estar"

in English we have just the one so we create the adjectives from the verb "to bore" by using the past participle "bored" and the present participle "boring"

Spanish just uses the other appropriate verb "ser" or "estar"

Soy aburrido = I am boring - but "I am boring you" - here the present continous verb form is used and it is a temporary situation.

Estoy aburrido = I am bored.

Soy borracho = I am a drunk(ard)

Estoy borracho = I am drunk

Spanish uses the 2 verbs in many different ways that English does not have the possibility of doing.

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"Soy aburrido" means "I am a boring person" because the verb "ser" indicates your qualities.

"Estoy aburrido" means " I am bored" because the verb "estar" indicates your state of being, which can have a variable length of time.

This can work in other cases as well.

"Soy feliz" I am a happy person.

"Estoy feliz" I am happy (at least for the time being).

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I think it should be "estoy aburrido" (or in my case "estoy aburrida"). If you are feeling ennui, that is a feeling, it should not last long, you use "estar". If you are booorrrriiiing, and have always been that way, and it has nothing to do with how you feel about it, and you are confessing your flaw, then you might say "soy aburrido". Soy verbosa. alt text

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The verb "ser" means that you are unconditionally something. Like how you will always be from your hometown, and that you (HYPOTHETICALLY) are Canadian. However, the verb "estar" means that you are something temporarily, such as being bored.

Basically, you use "estar" instead, and the phrase becomes: "Estoy aburrido".

Always use estar to convey feelings.

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Ah, the intelligence of the Spanish language. One of the worst reasons to be bored is that if you stay that way too long, you soon become that way to others. By having a long term form of "to be", they knew it all along. A warning for today's culture, ¿verdad?...Thank you for those who answered and for providing the links.

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