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Why do spanish girls have quinceaneras?

  • Posted May 23, 2011
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Spanish girls do not have quinceañeras, some Spanish girls are quinceañeras.

I used to think the same thing. Where I grew up, the birthday girls are called "quinceañeras", and the parties are called "Fiesta de Quince Años".

However, in many places, including Puerto Rico, the 15-year celebration party is called "la quinceañera", or "la fiesta quinceañera".

The reason for this celebration goes back to colonial times, when girls of marrying age (i.e. 15 years old) were formally "introduced to society". A big party was thrown by rich families so that desirable suitors (rich, single or widowed men from the area), could meet the young lovelies. Hopefully soon some well-to-do gentleman would start courtship, to get the girl out of her family's hands, and bring in some additional cash, or a convenient alliance for the family.

Things have changed a lot since then, of course, but the tradition to celebrate a girl's passage into womanhood at 15 remains in Latin America (and Spain, I suppose).

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And why do American girls have sweet sixteens? wink

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  • Hi Lovely :) Because they are sweet and they are 16 yrs young :) - EL_MAG0 May 23, 2011 flag
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Spanish girls do not have quinceañeras, some Spanish girls are quinceañeras.

Quinceañera is a girl who is 15 (quince = 15; comes from año, year; and era is the sufix for femenine, ero for masculine).

For example, you can also say veinteañero (20) or treintañero (30).

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The word quinceañera means 15 year-old girl, and it also means a party, in mexico we say let´s go to la quinceañera, (the party),and we also say " el quinceaños" , let´s go to el quinceaños de Paty, for example : Yesterday i went to el quinceaños de Linda, or Yesterday i went to la quinceañera de Linda, it means: yesterday I went to the 15 years celebration of Linda, and why they celebrate?, I don´t know...

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