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Again, for the same project. Help me!

  • Posted May 21, 2011
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If you are from the South (USA), it means y'all.

  • ¡Sííííí, eso! Eso allí mismo es la mejorisima manera de traducirlo. Je je. :-) Por supuesto, sí soy del sureste de EEUU. - webdunce May 22, 2011 flag
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Please, use the dictionary for that. It is quicker.

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In Mexico, Guatemala, and Colombia "ustedes" is used for BOTH informal and formal -- it means "you all, you guys, y'all, etc."

¿Adónde van ustedes? = Where are you guys going?

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Ustedes means talking to more than one person whom you respect. People you respect can be teachers, your parents, or elders. You wouldn't use "Ustedes" while talking to your friends. It is like "Ellos" and "Ellas" but you can also use it while talking to someone whom you respect. You can say: "¿Y ustedes?" or: "Ustedes tienen preguntas."

  • "Ustedes" is used for both formal and informal. It is the plural form of "you" - Agora May 22, 2011 flag
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If you are form my father's generation (New York City) it means yous as in: Yous guys need to learn better English.

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I suggest using the dictionary but ustedes (Uds.) is the plural of usted (Ud.), which is the singular & formal form of you. Ustedes (Uds.) is the plural & formal form of you. Also use Uds. in any other Spanish-speaking country besides Spain for any form of plural you (familiar or formal).

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Thanks so much. So basically, does it mean you all?

  • Yes. That's it. And usted means you (formal). Everywhere except Spain, ustedes is the *only* way to say you all. In Spain, ustedes is a formal way to say you all and vosotros is the informal way. - webdunce May 22, 2011 flag
  • Thank you, webdunce, for that valuable piece of information. It will be helpful when I talk to my friend when I go to Spain next year - 00c55e2d May 22, 2011 flag
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