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I have the Unidos Permanecemos album from Hillsong and I have some Jaci Velasquez albums as well, but I was wondering if anyone else knows of other Christian artists who have made worship albums in Spanish. I absolutely love singing in Spanish, and would like more songs to do so!

I'm also not exactly sure how to say "praise music" or "worship music" in Spanish. Would música de adoración (adoration music) be correct?


  • Posted May 20, 2011
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Marcela Gandara is one of my favorites. En espiritu y en verdad. They do a lot of Spanish version of songs written in English especially Chris Tomlin songs. Jesus Adrian Romero. Tercer Cielo

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Sure, Rosalia. If you search for "música de adoración" on Google you'll get lots of links.

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Some of the best Spanish sacred music I know of can be found at the following sites:

Música de la Fe

Majesty Music/Música Majestuosa

I enjoy singing with these CDs, and many of them come with printed lyrics on the inserts, which helps with the words you just can't figure out.

And yes, "praise music" would be música de alabanza, whereas worship music would be música de adoración.

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You can get Spanish worship music with subtitles in Spanish on line. Here are some examples.

Días de Elías

Oh Dios, sé tu mi visión

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