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Please help my sentence and meaning of claro.

  • Posted May 19, 2011
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I use "Vale" a lot to say "OK" before saying something like, "OK, let's go", "Vale, vamos"... or "OK, your turn", "Vale, te toca".

Are those acceptable? I actually picked it up from Paralee!

  • The use of "vale" for OK is regional to Spain (from what natives here say). I think Bueno would be more L.A. - 0074b507 May 19, 2011 flag
  • So it's not wrong... it's just a regional thing? - Tosh May 19, 2011 flag
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It means clearly, but both words have lots of meanings. Usualy, claro means "of course".

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Claro (Clearly) is just a filler word like OK [muletilla] giving the speaker time to formulate in his/her mind what they wish to say.

Pienso que podemos....if you are stating your opinion that you (pl) are able to play, then use the indicative. (stating something that you believe probable)

No pienso que podamos jugar...would be stating that you are uncertain about whether you (pl) are able to play and would take the subjunctive. (similar to using creo/no creo).

  • Thank you for this answer also it helped a lot. - Sk8rdude4438 May 22, 2011 flag
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In that case "Claro que podríamos jugar..." wink

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