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A guy I'm dating always randomly asks me, "Que me cuentas?" I'm not sure what he's asking or how to respond!

  • Posted May 9, 2011
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  • Hi Jenita, welcome to the forum, you should really wait for more answers before selecting the best, Thank you for your vote. - pacofinkler May 9, 2011 flag

3 Answers

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That phrase means " whats up". Literally it means "what do you tell me ?."

A better translation would be " what do you have to tell me?, or even " whats new?".

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Érase una vez una bella princesa. . .

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Hola jenita bonita, kiss

Welcome to the forum!

Paco is correct (modest pacofinkler)... pero solo quería dar la bienvenida a la nueva princesa bella. tongue laugh (no puedo decir "reina" porqué todos saben que Heidita es la reina del foro) wink

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