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I really can't work this out...two different way of saying 'I'm good' or would they be used in different situations? Answers on a postcard!

  • Posted May 9, 2011
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  • Replying "I'm good" when someone asks "How are you" is bad English anyway. - Azabache May 9, 2011 flag

2 Answers

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Soy buena - I am good, I am a good person.

Estoy bien - I am well, I am feeling fine.

Have a look at this compilation on the difference between ser and estar, it will really help you smile.

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Soy buena: ser classifies or defines, so you are classifying yourself as a good .

Estoy bien: estar indicates states (surprise!), and "bien" is an adverb that indicates how the state is.

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