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Trying to get my bilingual children in my kindergarten class to be quiet. I use "Silencio." I need to use a non-derogatory term to tell them to shut up.

  • Posted May 5, 2011
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I 'd just tell them "cállate". Yes it is "shut up",But the little rugcrawlers need to learn proper behavior .We've got to stop raising wimps.And that is not derogatory.

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"Estense quietos" or as you are already saying "Silencio." If this isn´t working, then the threat of witholding something they like might work. Telling little children to "shut up" is just going to turn them into more difficult kids as they become older and doing this will certainly not instill respect in them for others or themselves.

  • Let's agree to disagree.I respect your answer. - heliotropema May 5, 2011 flag
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As for me, with a group (class) of children, I like:

"Calmate" = Calm down ( to a single child)

"Calmemos" = Calm yourselves (to a group/class)



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silenco is a non-derogatory term. silenco is respecatable term to ask some to be quiet.

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¡Silencio, por favor! ... more polite

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