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ive been looking for it in all spanish to english translation, but i havent found anything about it.

  • Posted May 4, 2011
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4 Answers

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si mucho amor

Which should of course read:

Sí, mucho, amor.

yes, a lot, my lovewink

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si mucho amor sounds very incomplete but it would translate like "if alot of love" but if there was an accent on the "si" like "Sí" it could be "yes alot of love"

which would make more sense.

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I don't think it makes sense, mind you don't take my word for it my spanish isn't great..it looks like 'if alot of love' or if you put that dash thing above the 'i' it would be yes, a lot of love (or much love)

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Hi! That sentence don't make sense. Where did you read it?

  • ale_rd - Your profile says you want to learn English. Con permiso, it is better to say "That sentence doesn't (as in 'does not') make a lot of sense". - Moe May 4, 2011 flag
  • I always confuse don't and doesn't. Thanks! - ale_rd May 4, 2011 flag
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