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If,I Am Going To A Travel Agent, I have To Ask The Manager That," How Much Do Him Cost For One Hour In Travel", That is The Question I have Asked In The Above .

Please Convey Me The Answer, Gracias. Adiós

  • Posted May 3, 2011
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Hi Prassy, and welcome to the SpanishDict forum!!!

I see that English is also not your native language, so let me offer a suggestion to you. It is generally considered an orthographic error to capitalize the first letter of every word in a sentence.


Please Convey Me The Answer help

If I am going to a travel agent, and I have to ask the manager, "How much does he charge for one hour of travel," how do I ask this in Spanish?

Gracias. Adiós

Spanish suggestion:

¿Cuánto cuesta por hora?

  • Thanks, I will take your advice. - prassy May 3, 2011 flag
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Just an advice:

Please provide the original phrase in the original language, in this case Spanish, and also your English version, so that we know what to correct instead of guessing at what you want to say. smile

Please do not take it hard. Just think about it.

Your language is Spanish to naturally you would like to translate from Spanish to English. Problem is, you don't know if the resulting phrase in English makes sense or not.

Instead, try to translate from English to Spanish and you will know if the phrase makes sense or not immediately. That the phrase will be correctly translated will vary, but at least you will know if it makes sense.

Why, because you mother tongue is Spanish and not English.

See what I mean? smile

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Cuanto cobra por una hora?

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How Much Do You Charge For One Hour

In your case, maybe you can tell us in which language you need help, in further posts, as your native language is not English.

I hope you will find this forum friendly and pleasing, I can see on your profile that you like making friends. A good place to post a hello or anything you wish, is this placesmile

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How much do you charge for one hour? Cuanto cobras por una hora? In spanish you can leave the "you" out of the sentence because when you add the s at the end of charge as in corbas it refers to the person you are talking to "Just a little extra information with all my answers. Good luck. smile

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