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I hear "dale" in reggaeton songs and, in particular, Pitbull likes to use it. What is the real meaning of dale?

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From "dar" it literally means "give it" but as slang it means "do it" as in encouraging someone to do something.

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It has a lot of different meanings, just depends on the context. It could be used to say let's go, let's do this, do it now, come on, hit it, give it. Some even use it like saying ok or later.

If someone says "dale" to you, it's a compliment; like openly flirting or maybe they like the way you walk or think you are attractive.

"Dale a ella" means hit her.

"Dale mami" is like saying come on mami, more of a sexual context.

This came from multiple native Spanish speakers, as I have asked the same question, but it's one of those words that almost doesn't have a meaning. It also depends on where the person is from as to how they use it. A person from Mexico may use it different than a person from Puerto Rico.

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being from miami, and cuban, to me it means go head. like go head give in, or go head and dance.

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At my construction job in Northern New Mexico, it seems to mean "go ahead", or "hit it"... Somebody will line up a metal stake for me to hit with a sledge hammer and then say "dale". My understanding of Spanish tells me that "da" is the command form of "dar" (to give). Command form means you are telling somebody to do it. And "le" is one way to say "it".

I think of it as like "give it a whack" or "give it what you've got".

Just my impressions. I am far from a native speaker.

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give it a try

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Having dated an Argentinian woman for the past six months I can attest to Argentinians using "dale" constantly, in the same way Americans use "OK".

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Think Of It This Way ... Latinos Say "Dale" (Slang For 'Do It') And Americans Say "Leggo!" (Slang For 'Let's Go') Both Basically Mean The Same Thing smile

  • Leggo is American slang for "let go". "Let go of me" would be "Leggo a me". Let's is a contraction of "let us". - glrler Apr 1, 2014 flag
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Great article from Cristina Silva in NPR's Codeswitch blog on "Dale":

"To Pitbull Fans Around the World, 'Dale' is a Way of Life"

Also, we've got a great Spanish translation for "dale" in our dictionary.

  • Muchas gracias. - rac1 Aug 25, 2014 flag
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"Dale, Lllama", "Giddy-up, my trusty steed" (en Perú)

Carcajadas a no más. smile

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Dale in Argentina means same as Vale in Spain. It means "OK".

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