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hello, i just want to know the meaning of es gordo? my friend asked me that...someone got angry with her and said this.may be the pronounciation is bit different from the actual...but he wrote it like "es gordo"

thank you

  • Posted Apr 18, 2011
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Along a different line. Since not everyone speaks perfectly in their native tongue this might be an option. Gordo can be used to mean bad, big and serious.

Me cae gordo. I really don't like him. Much stronger than Me cae mal.

And this from the dictionary:

big, serious (informal) (problema, asunto)

me pasó algo muy gordo, -a con él -> something very serious happened to me with him
armar la gorda (figurative) -> to kick up a row o stink 

So since the context seems to deal with someone's anger I think this might be a better explanation that "fat".

Just an idea.

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es gordo

Who knows what it means used like that. It might be like gringo says.

Remember: gordo = fat or thick

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"is fat"

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It means he/she/you(formal) is/are fat. However, if your friend is a girl and that is who it is directed at, it should be gorda.

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It might also mean "It is fat," based off if his lack of pronoun such as "él" or "ella," and because he chose to use the masculine form, "gordo." If he was trying to call her fat he would have said "Eres gorda," or even "Estás gorda."

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Es gordo-it is fat(masculine) es gorda(feminine) you can also say ''gordito/gordita''-chubby

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Es gordo means / = he is fat / or Es gorda means / = she is fat.

It can also mean You (Ud polite form) are fat

In the sentence Es gordo the word es comes from the verb Ser This verb is used to describe someone's characteristics..

This last option is much less likely to be used because most people would not say directly to their boss, to a person in authority or a complete stranger "You are fat! "

It is also true that the third person singular form is used to refer to / correspond to it

and is also used for impersonal expressions such as:

Es bueno verte (de nuevo) = It's good to see you (again)

I hope this helps smile

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