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cual es la diferencia entre cual y que?

  • Posted Apr 17, 2011
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3 Answers

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hi friend,

I think:

both "cuál" (as question word) and "cual" (as relative pronoun),refer to "one case among others". that means we have alternative cases and to determine a espicial one, we use "cuál or cual". but "qué and que" are more general.

(like what/that and which(one) in english.

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In Spanish, it is safer to go with "que" than "cuál". As a student, I often used "cual" when thinking in English e.g "This is one of the things which helps". In Spanish, it would be more fitting to say "Esto es una de las cosas que ayuda.." and so on.

Cuál is used in quite abstract concepts. I'm not 100% correct, but take an example as "Cuales tipos quieres?" (which types do you want?). In this phrase, cual acts as which, and refers to a range. This is a different meaning to the "which" in the first paragraph.

I hope this helps

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