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cual es la diferencia entre (quien Tiene razon y quien tiene la razon)?

          muchisimas gracias
  • Posted Apr 15, 2011
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4 Answers

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muhammad, these two statements literally translate differently

who has reason and who has the reason

but I believe both phrases can be used to ask

Who is right?

You may want to wait for a native speaker, though.

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If I offer an answer, others may correct my answer or add different replies.

"Tener razón" is a figure of speech that means "to be right" or to be correct.

"Tener la rázon" seems to mean "to have the reason" because "la rázon" is a feminine noun.

I suggest:

Quien tiene rázon = Who is right/correct.

Quien tiene la rázon = Who has (knows) the reason.

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Both are the same to me. I prefer "tener razón" but may be a local thing. I think that saying "tiene la razón" makes it a little more emphatic though.

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