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Names of flowering trees.

  • Posted Apr 12, 2011
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Remember that the botanical names are in Latin. Therefore,they will be the same in any language.Thats why Latin was chosen.Common names will vary.Similiarly worldwide the language of science is usually described in English,for clarity as there is less room for error. Hah Hah.I don't know if I entirely agree,it's just a fact. Most common names for trees in spanish are based directly off the botanical .Check it out and have fun. (oh yeah,zoological names are in Latin also.)

  • I beg to differ reguarding the Latin terminology for botanical names.I see another language there. - faliron Apr 12, 2011 flag
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Puedes usar el diccionario para esas palabras. Es muy util! Buena suerte!

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You won´t find all of these in the dictionary and I think that some may have more than one name or the Spanish name may refer to more than one type of tree. For example, I read that manzano silvestre is one of the many synonyms for dogwood tree even though it is literally a wild apple tree and also means crabapple tree.

manzano silvestre - crabapple tree

cerezo llorón - weeping cherry tree

cerezo japonés - Japanese cherry tree

cornejo - dogwood tree

magnolio - magnolia tree

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