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I can't find a translation of my name in Spanish anywhere! Could you please help me find the English translation of "Catherine"?

  • Posted Apr 10, 2011
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4 Answers

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Catalina de Aragon

Catherine of Aragon (Spanish: Catalina de Aragón; Catalina de Trastámara y Trastámara) (16 December 1485 – 7 January 1536), also known as Katherine or Katharine, was Queen of England

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Most names don't need a translation, because it's just a name. Yours is an exception, because it's an old name that was changed in different countries.

But if you went to a Spanish speaking country, your name would still be Catherine.

  • Yes, but which name would a native use with her? Unless she objected would they not use the name that they are confortable with. (that they don't mispronounce). - 0074b507 Apr 10, 2011 flag
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Caterina smile

  • Caterina is Italian form of Catherine Catalina is Spanish form :) - FELIZ77 Apr 10, 2011 flag
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Here in Bolivia I have a student called Catrina.

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