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lista de homonimos en ingles

  • Posted Apr 8, 2011
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Google wants you to be happy.

Hay homonimos aquí. homonyms

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I wish some people would at least ask nicely. What happened to "Hello, guys? I am so-an-so, and I would truly appreciate if any of you could help me with this-and-that, please", instead of an impersonal, entitled "I need this."
Why would anyone care if you need something? Sorry about the rant, but I am perplexed;I see this every day around here. What happened to manners?

  • Probably young children. They have to learn manners somewhere. - pesta Apr 8, 2011 flag
  • ... and is listed as beginner in English A N D Spanish. - pesta Apr 8, 2011 flag
  • Tom .Yes, I agree such courtesy would be well appreciated ! - FELIZ77 Apr 8, 2011 flag
  • Pesta, I understand that. But isn't "please" one of the thingsthat most people everywhere in the world look for when trying to learn a foreign language? Just saying. :-D - 002067fe Apr 8, 2011 flag
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Hello ssanchez and welcome to the SpanishDict forumgrin

We are not providing a paid professsional translation service here and even if we were we would still appreciate good manners wink smile grin

We would therefore ask you to write your questions properly using correct grammar, punctuation, and spelling! This is mandatory and therefore expected because this is a teaching and learning site.

We would also be more happy to help you if you could at least use a please and thank you. Such courtesy is appreciated here by the majority of the members of SpanishDict who help people out of the kindness of their heart grin

Thank you for taking the trouble to read and put this into practice wink smile grin

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