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What is the meaning of 'Chulis' in Guatemalan terms thanks

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We use it in Spain as great, coolwink

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I saw this thread and was wondering if this was anything like "chulo" which I have heard some to mean "cool" or "sexy". smile Just wondering. wink

  • In Mexico, it could be, but "Chulo" for a grown man could be either "Pimp" or "Homo." For a woman, it is its original meaning of "Cute." So you could a woman "Chulis" meaning "Cute." "is" is a common suffix - JulianChivi Apr 8, 2011 flag
  • ie: "Oye, mi chulis, te ves bien guapa el día de hoy" - JulianChivi Apr 8, 2011 flag
  • Thank Julian. :) - Jason7R Apr 8, 2011 flag
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chulis or mucos es xulis.is a informal way to say like sexy to another girl. a form of chulo and like a daughter could say it to her mom or sister to sister. I think I answered my own question..lol thanks guys

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