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I try to get in at least 1.5 between audio and tv

How long has it taken you to get where ever level you are (beginner, advanced, etc?)

  • Posted Apr 5, 2011
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  • I 've been practicing about 2 hours at least each day. I also try to spend time reviewing previous lessons so that I don't forget anything. - moxie264 Apr 5, 2011 flag
  • What do you use to practice? How long have you been doing it? - ionisme Apr 5, 2011 flag

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About 5 hours a day most days, these days. And I've been learning since a year ago, but a lot of that time I didn't study at all so I'm trying to make up for it now.

How much of that 5 hours is actually spent studying I don't know, because I'm easily distracted and I do things (like answer this question) that aren't actually study.

Overall I'm pleased with my progress, though I wish I had studied consistently for the past year.

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I try to read some Spanish every day.

It has taken me forever, and I see no light at the end of the tunnel. I hope to present myself to St. Peter in Spanish (or more likely his counterpart in the other place) and to have an eternity to learn to speak the language. That is just about how long it will take.

  • what do you read? - ionisme Apr 5, 2011 flag
  • juvenile series books (at the moment I am reading a Alfred hitchock and the 3 Inverstigors book. There are around 50 of them in the series. You can download ebooks in the series for free, but I have some hard copies. I read Escalof'rios (Goosebumps) - 0074b507 Apr 5, 2011 flag
  • Scooby Doo Mysteries, Junie B. Jones, Berstain Bears Los Osos Scouts, and a few other series. They are short books usually around 150 pages. - 0074b507 Apr 5, 2011 flag
  • I think St. Peter speaks latin. :) - 0066c384 Apr 5, 2011 flag
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i learn spanish for 2 hours a day

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I spend a couple of hours every day between reading, audio books, T.V., movies, flashcards and Conjugation Nation. Plus, I go to a Spanish language church service every Sunday. I just started Mario Vargas Llosa's new book, "El sueño del celta. It is so good I can hardly put it down.

I have to say that I can pretty much read anything at this point but I still only get the general drift of spoken spanish. I definitely feel your pain qfreed.

  • how long have you been doing this? What is conjugation nation - ionisme Apr 5, 2011 flag
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I've been studying for about a year and a half now. On average, I spend about 4 hours per day studying vocabulary and grammar, and another 4 hours listening to music or TV, reading the newspaper, or speaking with natives. In another 6 months I hope to reach the intermediate level.

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I spend half hour each day watching a Spanish news feed on television. News readers tend to be very articulate and clear and one can always follow given the fact that you already have an idea of the news stories that they are covering. I spend at least another half hour doing Rosetta Stone or Spanishdict exercises. Skype calls also provide added practice and are fun.

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I study for an hour most days.I've been doing this for almost a year.I am still at the beginner level.After reading this post though I need to ramp it up ,Get to about two hours.Try to keep up with you guys.

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just because I live in mexico I speak daily and often,right or wrong. I study at the minimum an hour daily just to correct my vices and grammar. I dragged copretarito, ,one of the phantoms hiding under my bed, out to work on that form. I am blessed being immersed, but even so, I have a long road ahead.

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