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Any good action movies, or telenovals that aren't all just romance? I do like a good drama at times.

I'm a very very beginner though. But picking it up fast!


  • Posted Apr 4, 2011
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  • I watched a good -and short- documentary a couple of days ago. It's called "La isla de las flores". The spanish is very basic and it's almost like an educational video for children. But it has a very powerful message. It's on youtube, by the way. - sExxY_n1njA_ Apr 4, 2011 flag

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I have been watching Destinos for a while, and they're really fun. This is a series of 52 half-hour videos, completely in Spanish, following the story of a Mexican-American lawyer as she travels through several Spanish-speaking countries, searching for the lost family of a Mexican client. It is aimed at helping beginning students of Spanish understand the spoken language in everyday situations. You get to hear accents from Spain, Argentina, Puerto Rico and more, which is pretty useful. And even if you don't always get the words quite right, you can generally pick up the story from tones and gestures and body language. I always find it hard to watch one at a time - I always want to keep going and see what happens next! Very much recommended! smile

  • I'm on episode 4 on destinos. How much do you watch a week? Do you do the exercises as well? - ionisme Apr 4, 2011 flag
  • I've been pretty busy lately, but I used to watch maybe eight every week...on average. I'm at about ep. 27 now. I don't do the exercises, but maybe that's just my laziness. :) - Achsah Apr 5, 2011 flag
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Yes, Destinos is great. I can't watch just one either.(I try to limit myself to two or three) . I;m on episode eight. I recommend getting English movies dubbed with Spanish. I saw this recommendation from someone else on this site, it has proven to be good advice.They were right,the spanish is slower in these movies,because they try to sinc(sic) it up with the speaker.Check it out and good luck.

  • It's 'sync...' for 'synchronize.' :D - Achsah Apr 5, 2011 flag
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I love it, but I'm getting confused on the grammar. Should I watch the set and then do the exercises?

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