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I can't translate this phrase and need it for translation, does anyone know what it means or why it won't translate

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I live in Oregon where many Spanish-speaking residents work in the logging and forestry industry in one form or another, typically doing tree planting after a logging operation. They refer to themselves as "pineros" which means literally "pine-worker." They even have a union called Pineros y Campesinos Unidos del Noroeste (PCUN) http://www.pcun.org/ which means Northwest Tree planters and Farmworkers United.

Again, it's hard to know what it means out of context.

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Like Malerie says, it could be that you misspelled "los pioneros" ("the pioneers"), but it could also be "los Piñero" (the Piñeros), which is a last name. ("the Pitts, the Johnsons, the Garcías") We need more context.

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I think it means the pioneer(s). What is the whole sentence?

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It is a last name.

Trust me, I'm an engineer, and mexican as well.

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Also the name of a small town in Venezuela, but the pine tree workers comes up the most when I search. It's not in my dictionary so it could be one the made up words that pop up on the U.S. west coast.

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"Pineros" are tree-planters, pine workers, a term used among the Hispanic community especially in Oregon when talking about people who work with the trees. This is NOT referring to a last name, I work with PCUN (pineros y campesinos del noroeste) in woodburn so you can take my word on this..

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