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I cannot understand what "que voy hacer" means in this sentence, "yo no quiero quedar mal pero que voy hacer", when I translate the whole sentence I get "I do not want to look bad but I'll do", is that right?

  • Posted Apr 4, 2011
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5 Answers

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I guess you are missing an "A" between Voy and hacer. Voy a hacer - I'm going to do it

  • no it doesn't need to add "A"between the voy and hacer - konteh Mar 17, 2012 flag
  • Yes, it does need an "A". Ir + a + infinitive: ¿...qué voy a hacer? - Mediterráne Jun 7, 2017 flag
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It may also be "¿que voy a ser?", meaning "what I'm going to be? (in the future), but I think that Dewclaw's answer is more likely to be the right one.

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"yo no quiero quedar mal pero que voy hacer

My take"I don't want to end up (looking) bad or in the wrong, but what's a body to do?" - colloquial for English speakers... wink

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(que voy hacer)means"what i'm going to do"

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I agree (mostly) with the other explanations.

"yo no quiero quedar mal pero ¿quea voy hacer?"

I don't want it to turn out badly (look bad) but what am I going to do?

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