Trabajo en un servicio al cliente de un centro de llamadas, tenemos un español quien es trabajando con nosotros. El contesta los telefonos, pero no contesto los telefonos, sino que trabajo en la administración.

Desgraciadamente no tengo la oportunidad a interrelacionarse con él y mejorar mi español.

I work in customer services in a call centre. We have a Spaniard (colleague) who works with us. He works on the telephones, and I work in admin.

Unfortuntately I don't have a chance to interact with him amd improve my Spanish.

Thank You

  • Posted Apr 4, 2011
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And your question?

Ah...just the translation, I guess...

Trabajo en un centro telefonico de atencion al cliente. Tenemos un español que trabaja con nosotros. El trabaja en la centralita y yo trabajo en administraci'on.

Desgraciadamente no tengo oportunidad de tratar con 'el para mejorar mi español.

Hey listen, just a tip. If he is spanish, just ask him what about meeting out of working hours to improve your spanish (we are very sociable, not like people in your country, no offence. I will explain. There is not a line between proffesional life and personal life as deep as in your culture. )

If you are a cute girl he will say yes If you are a girl he will say yes If you are an ugly man (offer him a beer) and he will say yes

  • Apr 4, 2011
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  • No offense? It sounded pretty offensive. - 0074b507 Apr 4, 2011
  • Is un español understood as a Spaniard or any person of hispanic origin? - 0074b507 Apr 4, 2011
  • That was a bit offensive, but the last few lines are pretty funny nonetheless. - hiladora Apr 4, 2011