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Now, ladies and gentlemen, who would have thought that, eh?

I had a message on skype today and it said just that:

Acaba de cumplir 110

Izan does look so much younger though...raspberry

Muchas felicidades, amigo, siempre un placer hablar contigo y verte a diario en este pequeño foro que también es tu casasmile

alt text

  • Me gusta la tarjeta :) - EL_MAG0 Mar 24, 2011 flag
  • Jeje...Thanks Heidita, and that's right. Bring in the hoses. :) - Izanoni1 Mar 24, 2011 flag
  • A sus ordenes ;) - bomberapolac Mar 24, 2011 flag

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Thanks to all my friends who wished me well on my birthday. For those who forgot, that's OK. These things get harder and harder to keep up with after so much time. It just goes to prove what they say: The memory is the first thing to go.

...or was it the eyesight?

...I forget.

In any case, thank you all.

Generally, I prefer that such occasions slip by unnoticed and without much fanfare; however, I suppose that there's nothing to be done about it now, seeing as how the cat has been let out of the proverbial bag—and yes, to answer your question, I have been around long enough to have seen how that cat actually got into the bag in the first place...but it probably doesn't much matter, now, because it's all water under the bridge, a bridge, I should mention, that has already been torn down and replaced on several occasions, so if it's not the same bridge then it's probably not even the same water and not worth bothering over, anyway. Bottom line is, I'll never tell!

In any case, now that the news has been leaked (which, trust me, ain't the only thing leaking around here after more than a century—as any centenarian will surely attest to), and everyone knows my real age, I think that it is high time that I start acting in a manner more befitting my station in life.

Therefore, from this point forward, all you young neonatal, ankle-bit'n, tadpole chasin', security blanket carryin', no shoe wearin', knee high to a junebug bein', whippersnappin' lenguaphiles—that is, all of y'all young 'uns who'er still walkin' round wet behind the ears—you can all expect from this point forward to sit back and listen as I regale you with never-ending tales of days of yore, tales that pit noble heroes against terrifying odds, tales that mix noble ideals with heart-wrenching sacrifice, tales that mix courage with sadness, tales that mix tales with other tales, tales that mix-up words and sentences, tales that are just plain mixed up, discombobulated and scrambled (but never stir-fried). Mmmm....that makes me hungry! (Now, where did my teeth run off to).

Wait....Where was I, again?

Oh yeah. Stories that always end in a moral, stories that always end in another story, stories that always end in perpetuum.

Viz., I plan to ramble on at great length about nothing in particular until each and every last cow (and horse for that matter—especially the old dead one down by the barn that I like to take a switch to every now'n again) makes its way back home, watching as you all smile politely and nod, while not understanding a single protracted word of those exacerbated, dilated, dilapidated and addlepated incongruous meanderings coming out of my toothless, fool head—losing my place here, pausing for no particular reason there, jumping from point to point, willy-nilly and topsy-turvy, stopping just once or twice to go back and tie a bright red ribbon around the entire jumbled mess and bind it with a nice, neat bow.

In short...business as usual.


"As you all smile politely at me while not understanding a single word coming out of my fool head."

  • jeje, eres el mejor - 00494d19 Mar 24, 2011 flag
  • Are these words the disjoined incongruent thoughts and ramblings the creation of madman or a genius…I believe it is the latter. - Rolest Mar 24, 2011 flag
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¡No pareces un día más de 100 años! ¡Felicidades!

You don't look a day over 100! Congratulations!

  • Funny Dr hahha :) - FELIZ77 Mar 23, 2011 flag
  • jeje...Thanks! And that's right. I'm the tastiest old prune you'll ever meet. - Izanoni1 Mar 24, 2011 flag
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Happy 110th birthday!

  • jeje, I guess he wont tell us, but I made sure, it is actually his birthday today:) - 00494d19 Mar 23, 2011 flag
  • Thanks, Dogwood - Izanoni1 Mar 24, 2011 flag
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Happy birthday!!

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¡Feliz cumpleaños, ancianito! ¡Que cumplas muchos siglos más!

alt text

  • Thanks, Gekko. But where did you dig up that old picture of my older sister? - Izanoni1 Mar 24, 2011 flag
  • :-) - Gekkosan Mar 25, 2011 flag
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¡Feliz cumpleaños Izanoni!

alt text

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alt text alt text alt text Izan you're a very smart and creative person, may all your birthday wishes come true wink

  • Thank you Lovely. That's very sweet of you to say. - Izanoni1 Mar 24, 2011 flag
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Feliz Cumpleaños Izan regardless of the years!

  • Thanks, Paco. I agree. I think that it is generally best to not regard the years - Izanoni1 Mar 24, 2011 flag
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¡Felicidades, amigo!

Se te ve muy lúcido para los 110, definitivamente no los aparentas


alt text

  • Muchas gracias, amiga mía. El secreto es consumir el aceite de pescado a diario. Pues, claro que, como todos los gatos, me encanta comer los peces. ;-) - Izanoni1 Mar 24, 2011 flag
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¡Feliz Cumpleaños Dora-style!


  • Thanks, Goldie. You might be happy to know that this card got a strong positive reaction from my 3 year old who was sitting in my lap at the time. :) - Izanoni1 Mar 24, 2011 flag
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I don't know about this Ira, that's an awful lot of candles, we might burn the place down.

H a pp y B i r t h d a y anyway!!!

  • Thanks, Gary, but don't worry. I already presoaked the walls, curtains and furniture. - Izanoni1 Mar 24, 2011 flag
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  • Thanks DJ. Jeje...That guy looks like Bill Walton. - Izanoni1 Mar 24, 2011 flag
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Iza, Thank you for all your great help and advice! Oh, and Happy Birthday, too... smile

alt text

  • Thanks Pesta. It's always a pleasure. - Izanoni1 Mar 24, 2011 flag
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Happy Birthday, Izanoni! May you have a great day and many more!

alt text

  • Thanks, Sandy. It was pretty nice spending the day with my family, not to mention, I got a new 12-string guitar. - Izanoni1 Mar 24, 2011 flag
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íFeliz cumpleaños, Izan!

Espero que disfrutes tú día especial tongue wink smile grin

Me parece que tengas solamente 40 años tongue wink smile grin cheese

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