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I need to know how to say ex girlfriend in spanish

  • Posted Mar 21, 2011
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  • Sorry, we are not allowed to use expletives in this forum. - 0074b507 Mar 21, 2011 flag
  • Jaja, I think we'd all have a few names we can't post here for them eh qfreed? ;-) - DJ_Huero Mar 21, 2011 flag
  • Oh my yes :-) - pacofinkler Mar 21, 2011 flag
  • jaja... women.... can't live with 'em, but sure can't live without 'em. ;-P - DJ_Huero Mar 21, 2011 flag

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Or, more simply put, just say, "mi ex". That is commonly said and understood but most spanish-speakers around the world. smile

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I tend to rely on an old favorite:

Ella en cuyo corazón se puede enfriar una botella de champán...

But that's just me! tongue wink

  • A truly cooolll statement Chris! - pacofinkler Mar 21, 2011 flag
  • Paco, that one dates back to the 70s! A buddy of mine coined it, but in English. :) - cristalino Mar 21, 2011 flag
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ex-novia or ex-novi ...I guess!

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in Chile you can say: "ex Polola"... but by saying "mi ex" you will be understood as well.

Cheers Jaime

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smile Thanks to above user, I got to know the meaning in chile...

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Gracias por todas las repuestas! They are all good! Thank you all!

  • Should that be " las respuestas" or am I confused. - drewrywpg Mar 21, 2011 flag
  • repuesta is a feminine word, so yes it should be las since i said the answers spanish-wise - saix007 Mar 21, 2011 flag
  • Lo ciento, Saix. I was referring to the "s" in respuestas. Checked the distionary, - drewrywpg Mar 21, 2011 flag
  • lol. speaking of esses. it´s lo siento. - Evan99 Mar 21, 2011 flag
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