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¿de donde es?

  • Posted Mar 19, 2011
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  • ¿De donde eres? - Vince_Peña Mar 19, 2011 flag
  • ¿de dónde es? is ok, if you're addressing a person as usted. - Deanski Mar 19, 2011 flag

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We really need you to be clearer about your question.

If you just want to know what that means, click on "translation" type it in the box and you will get three sources.

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De donde es means where is it from. De donde eres means where are you from.

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To clear up some of the confusion amongst some of those who have posted responses to this question, it might help to see the expression broken down.

"de" → preposition used to indicate origin or source. Usually translated as "from"

"dónde es" → "where is" (or "where are" in case of usted).

Notice that what you are asking then is "where someone or something is from" or more literally, "from where is something or someone" (i.e. where did it or that person originate) Although, in English there is a pseudo-rule that states "never end a sentence with a preposition," in Spanish this rule is actually adhered to which is why the preposition "de" comes at the beginning of the sentence rather than at the end (as is the more common construction in English). By comparing the use of the preposition "de" in the following responses to such a question might help better illustrate its usage:

►¿De dónde es (usted)? — Soy de España
►Where are you from? — I am from Spain.

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Where is?

  • Well, that would probably be more along the lines of "where are you from" - Izanoni1 Mar 19, 2011 flag
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¿de donde es? means ,Where does it? hope that helps smile

  • what does "where does it?" mean? - Deanski Mar 19, 2011 flag
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¿De dónde es? Where is he/she from? follow link1 and link2

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