What does way or whey mean? Mexicans use it after most things they say. | SpanishDict Answers
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Mexicans use the term way or wey or whey after almost everything they say. What does it mean? I guess it is an expression but do they mean when they use it?

  • Posted Mar 19, 2011
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In fact is "güey" no way or wey... and is a very informal word use only by mexican people and its meaning is dumb, dummy or moron however they use it like american people use "man" or "dude" and it´s not an offense... ex. "you know man" in spanish would be "tu sabes güey", "what´s up dude" "que paso güey"

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Guey is sort of like "dude" or "bro" in English. It can also mean "stupid", as in "¡No seas guey!". It is slang.

Please be careful about saying "Mexicans do X". Everybody is different. Please don't stereotype all Mexicans just because you have observed some of them using the term "guey" frequently.

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Are you sure they are not saying "oye"?

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In fact is "güey" no way or wey...

Well, almost right. In fact is "buey", literally ox. But slowly it became "güey", the b changed into g, and then again it changed to "wey".

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