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Mexicans use the term way or wey or whey after almost everything they say. What does it mean? I guess it is an expression but do they mean when they use it?

  • Posted Mar 19, 2011
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In fact is "güey" no way or wey... and is a very informal word use only by mexican people and its meaning is dumb, dummy or moron however they use it like american people use "man" or "dude" and it´s not an offense... ex. "you know man" in spanish would be "tu sabes güey", "what´s up dude" "que paso güey"

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Guey is sort of like "dude" or "bro" in English. It can also mean "stupid", as in "¡No seas guey!". It is slang.

Please be careful about saying "Mexicans do X". Everybody is different. Please don't stereotype all Mexicans just because you have observed some of them using the term "guey" frequently.

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The spelling and pronunciation probably depends what region of Mexico you are in, and yes, some Mexicans do say it a lot.

I have been told the word commonly pronounced "way" is used all over Mexico. In Chihuahua and Sonora I have only seen it written "wey." Although I have heard a variant of wey spoken to describe a group of females: "bueyas" which is back to the Ox reference "buey." In that case, the "bw" sound was pronouced.

This word has two distinct meanings. The most common use translates to "dude" or "man." In the same way we gringos say that, it does not really mean anything specifically, it is just a filler word.

The other common use is to describe someone as clumsy or stupid. Like "pendejo." You can say "eso wey chocado su carro." In this case it is like "that dumb-ass crashed his car."

One young Mexican woman told me she hates that word and that it literally means "pig poop." I tried but could not confirm that.

The most important thing is that in all cases it is impolite. There is no proper use of the word that is pronounced "way." If a gringo said "hay, wey" or "que onda, wey" to Mexican friends they would laugh, especially if those friends did not consider themselves too upper class to be spoken to in that fashion. That said, it must only be said to friends. It would be quite disrespectful to use that word to someone like a parent, boss, or official. If a gringo approached an unfamiliar Mexican and said "que tal, wey?" that probably would not be well recieved.

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In fact is "güey" no way or wey...

Well, almost right. In fact is "buey", literally ox. But slowly it became "güey", the b changed into g, and then again it changed to "wey".

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Wey means ****

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Are you sure they are not saying "oye"?

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