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Buenos Días familia,

Back again with another Wisdom of the Day for y'all. So, for those who don't know, in this thread, we will discuss the proverb or expression, your understanding, and its translation. cool smile I also noticed some have even offered phrases that serve as synonyms, THAT'S GREAT! As well, pictures are always welcome! surprised Your participation is what makes this fun and keeps the learning locomotive running. grin

"El que busca un amigo sin defectos se queda sin amigos."

If you are brave, don't google for it, just try to guess or to find out using the dictionary what it might mean. We have many great resources to use with this that will really help you accelerate your learning. wink Let's see how you do, and no natives!!! (por favor) raspberry

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Hee hee

He who seeks friends without faults remains friendless.

I guess we just say "Nobody's perfect!"

This is the first one I've understood one without using the dictionary! HUZZAH! :D

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This reminds me of people who are dating. They are all looking for Ms. or Mr. Perfect.

I tell them that my husband is far from perfect, but he is perfect for me. wink

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  • Tienes suerte, cada día digo a mi hija - hay que eligir - no hay nadie que será tan perfecto - margaretbl Mar 17, 2011 flag
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He who seeks a friend who has no imperfections is left friendless.

We all have imperfections. Perhaps a related idiom in English is:

"People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones"

  • LOL, I've always enjoyed that saying... I actually picture people throwing stones in a glass house and it's rather funny. =) - DJ_Huero Mar 17, 2011 flag
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If you only accept perfection, you will have nothing.

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alt text

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He that looks for perfect friends is left friendless.

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He that searches for a friend without faults will be without friends.

If someone continually distances themselves from others because they have faults, they will experience a lonely and desperate existence. Besides, I can't imagine how frustrating it would be to have a friend that was perfect. The greatest relationships I have had are with people that recognize their faults and move on. They understand and accept them, and they are willing to accept my faults in return. There is a proverb somewhere

A friend loves at all times.

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A famous turkish aphorism:

Try to find neither a faultless man nor a fault with a man.

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Love the one you're with.

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He that looks for/ wants a friend without defects (faults) is without friends.

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He who looks for friends with out fault will be left without friends. This remind of what my mom said Prefection is hope,dream and illusion, emphasis on the last one. For ime it is not whether some is in imperfect, but what you do when those imperfections come up.

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I would take it less literally: A friend in need is a friend indeed.

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I agree with you... smile smile

  • Well, thank you nicos, what do you think it means? =) - DJ_Huero Mar 17, 2011 flag
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Hmm... ok. I think I get it, but I think i've been corrected and told to change that to with a tilde. Either way, thank you very much for explaining. =)

If it had a tilde, it would translate as: "He (a specific male person), who is looking for ..."

Without the tilde the translation is: "He (generic any person, regardless of gender) who looks for..."

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