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I see that in the dictionary chips is translated as patatas or papas fritos. Is there a way to distinguish them from potatoes or french fries, or is this just a context thing?


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Chips in British English are like french fries but a lot thicker and made from sliced potato whereas french fries are often made from reformed potato. You would still though refer to french fries as chips in British, unless you work in McDonalds.

Chips in American English are thinly sliced and deep fried potato, you know, the ones you get in salt and vinegar, cheese and onion, roast beef flavours etc.

What the Americans call chips the Brits call crisps.

Chips (British)/fries (US) are called papas a la francesa in Colombia and crisps/chips (us) are called papas chips. I think that papas fritas can refer to either but am not 100%.

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The problem here is in translating from British English to American English.

As was stated, chips in England are french fries in the U.S.

So, what are American potato chips in Spanish? Papitas in general, or the brand name is Sabritas.

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French fries or freedom fries as the Bush warmongers designated them, are chips. Chips are sliced bits of potato that are fried, often deep fried. In Spanish these are all patatas fritas (spain) or papas fritas....

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Las Papas Fritas is like saying, "sliced potatoes" i'm guessing. lol i haven't an idea what i'm talking about. Las patatas

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