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My parents bought Volfenac Gel in Mexico and I'm unable to find english translation for what this topical medication is? The ingredients say Diclofenco Dietilamonio 1.16g and Exciplente cbp..... I would like to know if this is basically the same as Icy Hot? Thank you Angie

  • Posted Mar 16, 2011
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Well, the (generic) brand ICY Hot is a muscle relaxant, there are othe brands that simply soothe muscle through heat and cold elements. In VOLFENAC, there is an active ingredient that is also anti inflammatory and this ingredient reduces pain and swelling associated with inflammation at the site on which it is used. Many other topical muscle relaxants like icy hot do not hav that ingredient.

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That item, sold over the counter in Mexico, is only available by prescription in the US. It is called Volfenac Diclofenac Gel. Google it if you need the brand name. My wife used to use it and said there was nothing better as a topical pain reliever. If u need it, u will have to talk your dr into prescribing it or find a way to get it from Mexico.

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