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I need to know how to say right now in Spanish.

  • Posted Mar 14, 2011
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"Ahorita" would be the most commonly accepted form, and it's the quickest/ easiest. wink

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Welcome to the forum. I'd say ahorita. En este momento and ahora misma are also options, depending on exactly what you're trying to say, Immediately vs. At the current time. The dictionary and translators here are very good at these short phrases.

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Ahora mismo = Right now "Ahora mismo los japoneses están sufriendo por los desastres naturales."

"Ya" can also be used for this (more directly translated as "already"...) "Quiero que vengas a mi casa, ¡ya!"

As Kevin B said, I have also seen "ahorita" used for this. "Ahorita estoy estudiando para los exámenes finales."

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Interesting sidelight about "ahorita": a Puerto Rican colleague of mine told me that "ahorita" is not used in Puerto Rico; you will hear "ahora mismo" on the island.

I wonder about the Dominican Republic? Cuba? Can anyone inform about which is preferred in either of those countries?

  • In Cuba, ahorita means: mas tarde/en un rato. - Sheily Mar 14, 2011 flag
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Sometimes you see "ya" used for right now.

Ya voy. Now I go.

  • Ya voy usually means: "I'm coming/I'll be right there" - Sheily Mar 14, 2011 flag
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That's right. We do not use the term "ahorita" in Puerto Rico. I know in Mexico they use that term so when I am speaking to a person from that culture I may use it also. Another term you can use to refer to "later or at a later time" is "despues" or "en un rato"

another term could be "en estos momentos" meaning "at this very moment"

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Hi ^_^

It means: Ahora.

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I have heard on TV "ya mismo", instead of "ahora mismo" or "en este instante".

Si quiere comprar este producto, llame ahora mismo al 01800 9000.

Si quiere comprar este producto, llame en este instante al 01800 9000.

Si quiere comprar este producto, llame ya mismo al 01800 9000.

If you want to buy this product, call right now /inmediately to 018000 9000.

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