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This question is about the PRETÉRITO SUBJUNTIVO grin

Is this conjugated correctly?

El año pasado preferíamos que nuestros padres nos ___ (visitar) antes de Navidades


  • Posted Mar 10, 2011
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3 Answers

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Yes, it's conjugated correctly. by the way, the tense is imperfect subjunctive.

EDIT: It should be visitaran. The subject is padres, so you use the 3rd person plural, despite that the indirect object is nosotros.

  • pretérito or pretérito imperfecto [de subjuntivo] are both used. - 0074b507 Mar 10, 2011 flag
  • and please unaccept, this answer is not correct - 00494d19 Mar 11, 2011 flag
  • Sorry, I didn't read the sentence carefully. It's visitaran since it's padres. - someone09 Mar 14, 2011 flag
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It's wrong!

Correctly way is visitaran.

I don't know about grammar, but I speak spanish XD

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It's not conjugated correctly, since the subject in the subordinate is "nuestros padres", not "nosotros".

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