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wáter, noun bathroom

The letter “w” is alien to the Spanish language, so all Spanish words beginning with “w” have been borrowed from another language, usually English. This word was borrowed from the somewhat antiquated English expression water closet. An alternative for el wáter is el baño. You may be wondering how to pronounce the letter “w” when it’s used in Spanish. Sometimes it’s pronounced as an English “w”, for example in the words el/la web (web site or World Wide Web), el western (western) or el windsurf (windsurfing). Other times it’s pronounced like Spanish letter “b”, for example in the words el wat or watt (watt), el welter (welterweight) and el wáter.

  • Posted Mar 10, 2011
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the question being........?

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Thank you, Hecho. I had thought about asking the question you just answered, but didn't get to it yet. Good information!

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