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I message back and forth with a friend of mine that I am kind of seeing. We always end by saying either kisses or besos....but today he ended by saying besos con carinitos.....the only interpretation I can determine is kisses with love, but I would like to be more certain and not have to ask....any other interpretations I am forgetting?

  • Posted Mar 10, 2011
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Spelled besitos y cariñitos it means "little kisses and cuddling"

  • The "-ito" ending is a diminutive that adds an endearing quality to the words. - pesta Mar 10, 2011 flag
  • Interesting. I like that interpretation, but I 'd like to know what made you choose "cuddling" over "caresses"? - Gekkosan Mar 10, 2011 flag
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Besos con cariñitos is just a way of saying with affection the word is cariño with a diminutive added to it for extra friendliness.

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