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In Bewitched, Embrujada, Hechizada, they call a bat a bat. The title is Embrujada, yet it says "Hechizada" when the show starts. I think Hechizada sounds much more on target. Anyway, in this episode about beísbol, they keep calling the bat, bat. Not bate, is that right? Gracias.

La primera vez al bat. La primera vez al bate. Es un error, ¿no? ¿O es común?

  • Posted Mar 8, 2011
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2 Answers

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The local high school team says "bate" being an american game with some spanglish added it could easily be "bat"

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I don't know about the bat part, but I was wrote a paper for a class last week and I was confused about using embrujar or hechizar to say "She put a spell on me". My friend from Perú told me that the difference would be that embrujar has more of a negative connotation while using hechizar would not necessarily refer to something bad.

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