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Watch the first 20 seconds of this, it may make you giggle...

  • there is no link - Sinedd Mar 8, 2011 flag
  • I was warming you up :-) - afowen Mar 8, 2011 flag
  • That was a great show! - Gekkosan Mar 8, 2011 flag
  • Yeah, I´d wager that at least one point you've had some kind of image from Fawlty Towers as a profile pic :-) - afowen Mar 8, 2011 flag

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Yes, it was very funny afowen especially when Basil initially used the word burro (donkey) for butter (mantequilla) hahahhahahha

Basil: ''There's too much burro ahí (?)"' hahhaha

  • Not a bad guess though as it means butter in Italian. Then again, Basil does speak 'classical Spanish' :-) - afowen Mar 8, 2011 flag
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