Its my spanish homework! I just need this one checked.

Directions: Tienes que decirle a unos amigos cómo hacer una receta. Escribe oraciones con el pronombre correspondiente. Model: Añadan sal. answer: Añádanla.

Can somebody tell me if this is right. Question: No den de comer al perron. My answer: no denselo.

should there an accent or anything? or is it just wrong all together?

  • Posted Mar 7, 2011
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The command must maintain its stress on the syllable where it was before you appended the object pronoun(s). Therefore, Den+se+lo= dénselo

However, can dar de comer be shortened to just dar?

No den de comérselo.

Do not feed it to him (or it). (assuming your typo was al perro )

No den de comerlo. (I see no purpose for the se) Do not feed him (or it).