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We got this recipe in Peru..it is the sweenter..so it's some sort of sweet syrup..any ideas what it is?

  • Posted Mar 2, 2011
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I don't know what it translates to, but here is how to make it

Cocina peruana

Receta: Jarabe de goma, Perú

El Jarabe de goma es una de los ingredientes primordiales en la preparación de los cócteles de Pisco Sour.

recipe for the Pisco Sour

this and another site translate it as cane syrup

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I would say its a thickening agent. Also the other definitions I have found for "jarabe Goma" indicate ¨"simple syrup"¨´ a sweetener.

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I don't know where you live, but I would use cane syrup if you can get it or simple syrup if you can't.

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"Jarabe De Goma" is not at all your run of the mill simple syrup. It is made like a simple syrup, ie. 1/2 parts water + 1/2 parts sugar, but then you need to add what is referred to as "mastic". It's an ingredient easiest to find in Middle Easter or Indian supply stores as it comes form the bark of a specific tree in those regions and it is widely-used in their cuisine (even in just plain gum!!) Mastic is used as a thickening agent and the reason it is called for in a pisco sour it is to help with the egg white foam. It will hold longer and be thicker resulting in a beautiful presentation. I know of one restaurant in all of NYC that uses it and it serves a home-run of a pisco sour: 11 Madison Park, a Michelin-star restaurant. They also use for their pisco a Peruvian brand called Macchu Pisco - it is out of this world. Hopefully you can also find this brand wherever you are!

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Having worked in a few bars, I know that you can buy 'gomme' from at least one of the cocktail syrup/ingredient companies.

Try the French company 'Monin', whose products are widely available.

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As others have said it is a sweetening syrup, just used some a couple hours ago.

I generally contains highly refined white cane sugar, water, and gum arabic.

That said I usually don't use in making Pisco Sours. Instead I use azucar morado, sold in the US and Canada as raw sugar. It is fairly coarse grained and contains enough molases to make it slighty brown and give it a distinct taste. This is what you will find much more commonly used in Peru.

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Do you use egg whites to make your pisco sour?


Ages since I had one.

  • it's not a pisco sour without the egg white! - bajakt Oct 28, 2013 flag
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