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Want to chat in spanish for practice

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Hi and welcome to the forum,

Click here and I'm sure you will find some people interested in chatting in Spanish with you. wink Also, if you check through the threads, there are regular opportunities available for Skype sessions where members of this forum meet to practice their Spanish together.

One of these days, I am going to surprise everyone and show up! smile

  • I wish that I could say that I will be right behind you. - 0074b507 Mar 1, 2011 flag
  • Me too. - jennyo45 Mar 2, 2011 flag
  • Wow, guys that would be great! :) - sanlee Mar 2, 2011 flag
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I machine. Me talk you?

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We have a chat room. Look under the More tab at the top of this page. We also have regular Skype Chats in both English and Spanish. You must tell an administrator that you are interested in attending one of those, however, as attendance can be limited.

Or you can hope that someone answers your question wishing to chat.

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Have you tried "chat" on Spanish.Dict? It is on the dropdown menu under "more." Also the site busuu.com has a lot of people ready to talk. Good luck.

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Hi Jfradider. There are regular Skype chats like this one where you can practice your Spanish. Check this one out.Skype Beginner's Chat : Commands /Órdenes

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