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What is a "root canal" in Spanish? ¿Cómo se dice «root canal» en castellano? Un «root canal» es un procedimiento de cirujía dental donde se taladra la canal de un diente or muela para remover infección o pudrición, dejando el diente sin remover.

  • Posted Feb 28, 2011
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  • Good question :) - FELIZ77 Feb 28, 2011 flag
  • el canal -- remover significa "stir". Se dice sacar o extraer una muela. :-) - gone Feb 28, 2011 flag

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I'm a dental assistant! I started off learning dental spanish! we say "endodontia" in our dental office!

Sacar una muela is for an extraction!

  • Wow,Loren.. you have the same birthday as I do obviously not the same year hahaha - FELIZ77 Feb 28, 2011 flag
  • How interesting! You are the second person I've met in my life with the same birthday! It's not very common! - lorenaventur Feb 28, 2011 flag
  • Loren, you are right. Endodoncia is the scientific name for tratamiento de conducto. Y eXodoncia significa sacar una muela. - gone Feb 28, 2011 flag
  • I vote with you. I don't come from native spanish speakers, but my art friends do, and that's what they call it, Lorena. Bravo! - Sunlit Oct 18, 2014 flag
  • @ Loren, I agree but don't forget that "muela" techincally means "molar" although many people say this when talking about any kind of toothache, etc - JulianChivi Nov 6, 2015 flag
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En realidad se dice tratamiento de conducto, ya que el conducto radicular es el "canal", pero el procedimiento se llama tratamiento de conducto.

  • Muchas gracias, Usarenco ya he aprendido alguna cosa nueva :) - FELIZ77 Feb 28, 2011 flag
  • De nada, Feliz77. He hecho muchas traducciones ténicas y ciéntificas, así que he aprendido un poquito. - gone Feb 28, 2011 flag
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Se dice en español (Castellano) ''el conducto radicular''

If you just want the phrase root canal I have given it to you but if you want the name of the procedure in Spanish Usarenco has given you the more precise answer grin He is a native and should know tongue wink smile grin

I hope that helps grin

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Probably the same as in English.

¿Por qué tengo que pagar un rescate para todos los reyes que el dolor ?

And , "Help I am out of here"!

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