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Context: A veces comemos en la cafetería.

  • Posted Feb 28, 2011
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Welcome to the forum. The dictionary and translator here are pretty good for things like this.

Veces is the plural of vez = time. A veces means at times, or sometimes.

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The correct full phrase is ''a veces'' and, in the context of your sentence, means / = sometimes

We do encourage people to make an initial attempt to translate their own requested word/phrase/sentence using either their current knowledge of Spanish or to use the translator machine instead and then repost it and people will be pleased to offer corrections, guidance and advice

However since Kevin has already given you the answer I will confirm it on this occasion tongue wink

I hope this helps grin

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Guy above me's crazy. "A veces" means sometimes, so in your case, "We sometimes eat in the cafeteria."

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