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I am doing my spanish HW and I came across this phrase "así que" what does it mean? Please and thank you.

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You did not study, so then you did not pass your exam.

You did not study, therefore you did not pass your exam.

No estudiaste, así que no pasaste (o aprobaste) tu examen.

"Así que, is a phrase that can mean "so that" or 'so then" or "therefore"

In some cases "so that" cannot be applied because of the context.

  • I think así que doesn't really fit here. "por eso" is a better translation, not así que since not studying was the reason for not passing the exam. - Deanski Feb 22, 2011 flag
  • So then & therefore here are used to infer that he did not pass the exam since he did not study, but whether he indeed failed or managed to pass was not established. - Deanski Feb 22, 2011 flag
  • I think "asi que" fits well here. - Agora Feb 22, 2011 flag
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If you look up "así" in the SD dictionary, and scroll down you will find the phrase.

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I second Leatha's advice to look it up. That is the best way to learn.

Así is a word that often gets combined with other words into common useful phrases. If you learn a few, they will come in handy when speaking and make you feel more fluent.

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It basically translates to "so" I ate everything so I could go to bed early.

  • Oops, not really dew. "so" in your sentence translates as "para que." - Deanski Feb 22, 2011 flag
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Así que means so and therefore in this context:

El programa va a empezar en diez minutos, así que apúrate.

The show will start in 10 minutes, so hurry up.

Although tricky, it should not be confused with por eso and para que.

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It means so or therefore,as has been pointed out, but it is more of a subjective reason than a logical deduction--you would use it to break up with your boy/girlfriend but not to solve a math problem. There are lots of ways to express what is a similar set of ideas in English, but in Spanish the nuances are different.

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